Games on the Cheap!
(updated November 28, 2007)

A series of downloadable games that use common gaming pieces, such as dice and playing cards.


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A quick abstracted wargame designed around the concept of Attrition Warfare.

Poker Chips and Playing Cards.

Rules (updated 08/18/07)

Checkpoint: Berlin

A bluffing party game in the stype of Werewolf. Playing Cards, optional unused DVD cases.  
Rules (updated 08/29/07)
The Great Lakes Fish-Out
A new twist on Trick-Taking games, such as Hearts.

Playing Cards and score pad.

Rules (updated 08/29/07)
Treasure of the Tombs
A press-your-luck game combined with screw-your-opponent. Poker Chips, Dice, and Playing Cards. NOTES: A bit confusing, and not the best game, but hey, I need some content here!
Rules (updated 08/18/07)
One Against the Dead

A solitaire game of running away from and/or bashing a lot of hungry zombies.

Playing cards, dice, poker chips, and lots of coins. NOTES: I have made some additional cards to replace using poker chips for weapons.
Rules (updated 10/26/07)
Cards (updated 11/28/07)