Epic Solitaire Notebook Adventures (beta)
(updated October 14th, 2009)

You are the Nameless Wanderer, an adventurer of awesome power and skill, going on impressive Quests that would send the common man quivering in his soles. The world is a huge, open-ended place, that you control and conquer, or one that conquers you.

And it's all on a tiny deck of cards.


This game was designed as an exercise in "build your own content as needed." Which is covered in my blog, listed below.
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Using only a pad of paper, a pencil, and a specialized deck of cards, go on mighty adventures, and and be praised throughout the land as a mighty warrior. That's it.


For some reason, the Rules.pdf does not download properly. If you just click on the link, expecting it to open in your browser, you will get an error. HOWEVER, if you click "refresh" immediately after that error, it will load in fine (well, at least on my firefox). Additionally, If you right click the link and do a "save as" to your local computer, it will open just fine. I am working on this (occasionally), and can't find any way currently to fix this behavior.

If you have problems getting these files to natively run in your browser, right click, and "save link as..." on the links instead. For some reason, the Rules files has issues being read in a browser.