Sir Reginald's Fabulous Country Estate (Version 1.0)
(updated October 30th, 2007)

Sir Reginald wants to build a fabulous country estate, and he has some rather particular ideas of what his estate should be. It's up to you to best meet his standards when designing his estate.

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Build the most fabulous country estate, as determined by Sir Reginald.

Sir Reginald has been officially submitted to Hippodice. Aside from the typical construction materials to make cards and stickers, you will need to purchase 100 3/4 inch wood cubes.

In addition to the rules above, you will need the following files in order to create your own copy of Sir Reginald's Fabulous Country Estate. For best results, I can suggest the following method. Print out the following using adhesive backed copier/laser printer paper. Apply the graphics for the Stock Board and Plot of Lands on illustration board, and then cut to the edges. Cut out all of the cards, and individually apply those graphics to standard sized poker cards. Cut out all of the graphics for the Cubes, and following the guide, go insane after an hour or two of apply the Cube graphics to the 3/4 inch wood cubes, being very careful to maintain the proper orientation of the stickers.

The following files below are additional files that were required elements for the Hippodice contest entry. Feel free to peek at them.