POCKETCIV (version 2.0)
(updated January 21st, 2008)

A Solitaire Civization game that's compact enough to play on a plane. Hopefully. Well, maybe not, but it's close...in it's most basic form.


As this game now has a presence on BoardGameGeek, I'd like to let people know that I will gladly take any submissions for further Scenarios and compile them (somehow). Additionally, I hardly consider the game to be "finished," and have no qualms about adjusting things here or there if I feel it makes the game better, so if you have any comments or suggestions, send 'em in!

Contact scott by email.

Read Scott's enormously biased opinions and see his favorite nifty links at Meeplespeak.

Using only a pad of paper, a pencil, and a specialized deck of cards, lead your civilization through the ages to become ... civilized.


The slow process to version 2.0 is now complete! Well, the process isn't that slow, I've just had other plates spinning in the air that I had to deal with.

Once again, the only things you really need to download are the Basic Files. For a better PocketCiv boardgame experience, you can optionally download the Deluxe Files.

I would also like to note that the board game geek community has come up with a lot of nice additions and play aids for the game. By going to the BoardGameGeek PocketCiv entry, and scrolling down to the FILES section, you can find a lot of nifty extra bonuses just to make your PocketCiv parts box a llittle bit more bigger and impressive!

Of particular coolness, is this PocketCiv Visual Tech Tree that was put together by Naegele Bernhard. Thanks!


Advanced Civilization
Civilization - The Expansion Project
Culture and Conquest