Doppleganger, Escape From Groom Lake (Version 2.0)
(updated February 8th, 2008)

You and the rest of your alien investigation team have gone out to Area 51 in the middle of the desert to look for clues that alien life does exist. And you find it! However, your equipment has been sabotaged. Someone among your group may just be an alien trying to keep these secrets secret!

And now, you and your team must cross the desert and find civilization...alive.

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Doppleganger is a traitor game, where a group of players are working cooperatively, except that one player may be working to hope that the player fail in their mission. And while the goal of the game is for the team to win together as a group, throught the game, players will be given opportunities to become the sole winner of the game; but only if they survive.

Doppleganger doesn't have many downloadables.