1985 Toyota Supra Restoration Photos July 2007 - GAS TANK

1985 Toyota Supra Restoration Photos July 2007 - GAS TANK

This is "Tank A" which came with the car
(Very solid outside, very rusty inside!)

This is "Tank B" which I picked up in Michigan
(Very rusty outside, squeaky clean inside!)

Unfortunately Tank B has some pinholes rusted through

But Tank B is so clean inside!

But Tank A is so ghastly inside!

Tank A filler neck and hole...

Tank B filler neck and hole...

I'm not sure, should I replace this fuel pump??

This is what I pumped out of Tank A - gas is supposed to be a lot clearer than that...

Ah, here is just some of what was left after I filtered it all.

HEY! Look what Toyota Claus dropped down the chimney!

I shall name thee "Tank C."

Good news! It comes with all new rubber gaskets!

Bad news! Quality Control was asleep that week. Two medium gaskets instead of two larges...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Yes, I get too emotional about my car parts.

Tank C sure beats Tanks A and B all to heck on this view!

For some reason, they only put thin paint on the top section, not undercoating.
I sprayed on my own undercoating. (Those bubbles calm down as it dries and hardens.)

All dry and ready to install once I stick on the rubber pads.