Meet GeeToo, the 6.0L fuel injector!

(Click any picture to get a much larger version.)

This is the whole injector:

This is the tip:

This is the front view of the tip:

Now let's really get close - notice the 6 very tiny holes!:

(Now you see why filtering is so important...)

Speaking of filtering, the fuel has to go through one of 3 screens like this
before getting into the tip area:

The oil rail connects up here:

Just two screws hold the whole valve body on top of the injector:

Here is the valve body separated from the injector (the plunger and piston have been removed):

Here is the plunger along with the piston, spring, and retainer:

Here are the two spool valve solenoids:

Here is the stuff inside that valve body:

And finally, we have the connector that lets the FICM control it:

Thanks to Jim (PowerTug) for the following C94 failure shots

Here are some closeups of a worn tip (It would stick in the barrel when being
pushed by hand, with even the slightest side-loading.)

Here are the parts all laid out in relative position